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Online training

Dear educator or student


If you have found this page then we assume you are interested in opening or widening debating at your school or university. You can download the manual below which can be used as a reference for all levels of debating, from beginner to more established clubs. Enjoy!

Download DSG Manual (3.3 MB)

PowerPoint presentation from teacher workshop on 3 SEP 2012 in Berlin (1.7 MB)


If you want to open debating at a university in either English or German, please contact VDCH.

Introductory videos

QatarDebate has developed a series of very concise and comprehensive films to bring debating to school students. We find it very suitable to get a first idea.

QatarDebate - An Introduction to Debating (1:09:29)

QatarDebate - Debating Games and Exercises (00:50:21)

QatarDebate - THW ban smoking (Model debate with 5-minute speeches) (1:02:53)

QatarDebate - THW never negotiate with terrorists (Model debate with 5-minute speeches)  (00:56:58)

QatarDebate - THBT censorship of the media does more harm than good (Model debate with 5-minute speeches) (00:54:55)


Further reading:

"How to Start a Debating Society" published by the ESU on ISSUU

The next link leads you to a manual on public speaking and debating. The DSG e.V. offers both formats, with the annual BBC/ESU awards for public speaking and any other debate event in the WSDC format in Germany. Please be aware that the procedures on debating indicated are not in full accordance with the WSDC format, but give you a very close idea of the process of debating in general.

"Speech and Debate Competition Handbook for Schools" published by the ESU on ISSUU

If you are only interested in the debate part of the book, you can skip to page 30.


For more on the WSDC rules and guidelines, please read here.

For a selection of online resources, see here.


If you prefer not to do all the learning through reading manuals, handbooks and guidelines, just show up at any of our debating events, meet up with us and teach your debaters the hard way most of us took: learning debating through debating and nothing else ;)

We hope we will hear from you soon and are looking forward to meeting you!!


Best regards,
Debating Society Germany e.V.

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