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World Schools Debating Championships

The World Schools Debating Championships were founded in 1988 as an international competition which brings together the top school-level debaters from across the globe. The championships provide young people from a wide variety of countries with an opportunity to meet, clash and engage on a variety of topics. The tournament prides itself on testing the mettle of student debaters and promoting the values of free speech and logical interpretation.

Each participating country sends a team of 3-5 students. All teams are accompanied by a coach. Countries are also encouraged to send experienced adjudicators to help judge the tournament.

All debates take place in English. Students under the age of 19 debate social, moral and political issues.


The Debating Society Germany e.V. is currently preparing a bid to host the World Schools Debating Championship 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany, which will publicly launch on 1st July 2014. The bid will be presented and decided upon at the council meeting convening at WSDC 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand in August.



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