GSDC 2017 Stuttgart

03 FEB 2017

Dear all!

We are tentatively preparing the 2017 edition of the German Schools Debating Championship to be taking place in Stuttgart region from

23rd-25th of JUNE (FRI-SUN) 2017

We are asking you to PRE-register one or more teams, should you and your debaters be interested in attending (link below).


We would like to emphasize the following changes compared to previous GSDC years:

  • We will tighten the schedule to just a three-day event
  • Given previous responses from teams over the years, we will limit the number of prepared rounds to two for the prelim rounds (either one motion twice or two different motions)
  • One of the final rounds may be one of (the same) motions as a prepared SF or QF (if attendance is high)
  • The GF will still be impromptu
  • Number of prelim rounds will be reduced to five
    • for the sake of comfort
    • to minimize delays
    • to alleviate stress on the tabbing

Tentative schedule:

  • As much as we prefer three judges in every room, we also want many teams to participate without all of them having to provide as many judges as teams. We are aiming at two judges per room for the time being
  • We want to specifically emphasize that we are also inviting JUNIOR LEAGUE teams to the event as well. If many JL teams attend, we may be able to debate in two tracks, with 6 mins in JL and 8 in the SL track respectively. Otherwise, 8-minute speeches will be the standard speaking time for all teams.
  • We would like to consider GSDC to be a training tournament yet also merit the achievements of the teams progressing into higher ranks of the tab.

A few more details:

Fee estimates per person:

Before any further steps can be taken, we urgently need host schools to offer their rooms and also some manpower (food e.g. through catering) for GSDC 2017. If you are a school within in the VVS network, please consider this (summer) opportunity!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you here!

Best regards,
Debating Society Germany e.V.

Follow this link to pre-register by 25th FEB 2017

Current GSDC champions (2015 in Hamburg): Parler-Gymnasium Schwäbisch Gmünd 


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