EurOpen 2017
Stuttgart, Germany


Closes 1st SEP 2017

Full signup:
Stage 2 - 2nd SEP - 2nd OCT

50% fee (non-refundable) deadline:
15 SEP 2017

registration procedure and fees document (three pages)

Institution info (please avoid commas)

Fee calculator

Please note: you cannot sign up fewer judges than teams

Delegations requiring accommodation (judges discount option)

€220 each
€220 each, n+1 €190 each, n+2 €170 each, n= # of teams
€350 each
This number x €30 per night per person
€90 surcharge per person

Delegations not requiring accommodation (no discount options), includes railpasses

55€ each
€55 each

DSG teams, add # of railpasses needed

€ 30 each
Free of charge
€25 each

15th SEP deadline only concerns teams requiring accommodation

What will happen next:

Team cap is 40 teams. If interest is high, we may need to moderate during Stage-1 registration with the aim of downsizing delegations so that other institutions can be represented as well. This may only affect delegations with more than two teams. Typically, we can allow all other teams to participate. 

You will receive an automated invoice e-mail after sending off this registration. 

For any other questions write to:

If you need to make changes please write to
instead of signing up again.

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