EurOpen 2016
Hamburg, Germany
3rd - 8th NOV 2016


Application of participation by 8th SEP 2016

Full signup:
Stage 2 (as of 10th SEP, if application approved)

registration procedure here (two pages)

Download current fee list here

Institution info (please avoid commas)

Fee calculator

Please note: you cannot sign up fewer judges than teams

Delegations requiring accommodation (judges discount option)

€225 each
€225 each, n+1 €200 each, n+2 €180 each, n= # of teams
€300 each
€ 380, requires one adult in hostel

Delegations not requiring accommodation, includes tournament railpass

90€ each
€80 each, n+1 €70 each, n+2 €60 each, n= # of teams

19th SEP deadline only concerns teams requiring accommodation

What will happen next:

This is a registration application.

You will hear from us around 10th SEP 2016 to register your team(s), provided that there are enough slots (max. 32) and there aren't more than three teams from your nation. All teams will be accepted if there are fewer than 32.

More registration details see here.

Please do not make any travel arrangements before 1st SEP, if at all possible. If not, write us.

For any other questions write to:

If you need to make changes please write to
instead of signing up again.

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